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I am Faith Whiten from Greenwood, SC. My family pedigree traces back to Mexico. While my grand parents loved the lifestyle and the beautiful nature of Mexico, they couldn’t stand the incredible corruption in the small town the lived. For many, Mexico is the most corrupt country in the world.

I love to surf the web to find the information I need, I love reading books, and simply enjoy making the most out of life. While I enjoy the outdoors, I have just started a new job, left my parents and realized that nothing comes cheap. This is the reason I created Mexicocontralacorrupcion.org and hope to share all of my tips and secrets that I have learned through the best coupon deals.

How I saved the frugal way

Faith Lying_246The cost of living is on the rise and there is no way to put money aside when bills keep piling. Fortunately there is a way to have more cash in your pocket every month. Coupons, I believe, can provide the greatest reductions in your grocery bills for the entire family over a period of time.
I simply love reading books, shopping, and having a good time going out with my friends, but it becomes difficult to enjoy these things when you are cash strapped. While many coupons offer small discounts, you will be absolutely surprised at the cumulative effect at the end of a month or year. This has truly motivated me to start (name of blog goes here) because I believe in sharing these unbelievable coupon savings with everyone.

Having studied for my Bachelors, I now work full-time and have discovered that living on my own is certainly not easy. An independent lifestyle comes with a great deal of expenses, and I do my best to live comfortably while supporting my parents who live in Mexico. They are on staff with the Doctors Without Borders organization. I have discovered that coupons can help me build a savings on a monthly basis, giving me the freedom to stretch my finances just a little bit further.

The motto is all about living more and saving more. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps by visiting some famous coupons sites, like RetailMeNot, and Coupons.com,  and accessing the latest daily deals on some of your favorite products. Many of these steals include online discounts from some of the largest stores.

If you wish to start saving like me and have extra cash in you pocket every month sign up with these sites today. A daily newsletter or visiting the site provides access to the discounts that you simply cannot miss out on. On Youtube you can find channels that have video coupon series, like the channel of The Krazy Coupon Lady. These two ladies have reached 1 millions fans on Facebook! Their videos break down the entire process for your convenience.

If you find all this a little intimidating, just relax. Take a big breath. Lie down in the grass (like me in the photo) and enjoy life. You can learn everything if you take one step at at time. Just be consistent. There is a learning curve to go through in order to start making significant savings, but it’s worth the effort.

But you can find great coupons in my site too; mainly for weight loss products. All you need to do to access a deal is to click on the highlighted links.  These options can help your household save over $500 on a monthly basis. Why not start today and save some cash to pay off your debts or treat your family.
Finally, I do post some newsworthy articles (the journalist in me!) and articles related to fitness.

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